Block Hopping
Downloads:10 - 50 Released:March 2014 Genre:Puzzle game Size:2.3 MB Versions:Free

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Block Hopping

A new amazing puzzle game for you! Block Hopping presents you with difficult but fun puzzles where you have to hop on all blocks in order to solve them.

Can you solve the puzzles?

Enjoy our game!

The Game

You have to solve all the puzzles. The more attempts you need, the lower your score. When you have completed all puzzles in a game mode your average stars earned will be your topscore.

This game consists of a line of blocks with on every block a number. The number on the block tells you how much hops you have to take. The goal is to hop clockwise or counterclockwise and hop on each block only once to solve the puzzle.

Once you have completed a puzzle, you can no longer get a different star result. You can however reset your game mode by using the clear button. This will clear all game data and you can again try to get the highest average starcount!

Develop a game in 1 day

We have developed this game in only 1 working day. We were curious in how much time we could create a finished game so we started the One-Working-day project. This is our great result!

Leaderboards and Achievements

This game is packed with leaderboards and achievements using Google's play services. Try to be the best and get the highest score of everyone. Try to get all achievements in game to show you are the true Block Hopping master!


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